Saturday, September 1, 2007

New House

I know this may be hard to believe because I've spent the last few hours working on this new site, but I am rather busy! We just moved into our first house! We absolutely love having 2 stories (after living in 2 seemingly cramped apartments). I don't know if I fully understood what I was signing up for when we took on this bigger place, because vacuuming and housework is quite time consuming!! Yeah, yeah, I know I need some cheese with that whine...but in all seriousness picking up after TWO boys can be quite the task. Not to mention the fact that we have to deal with pest control on our own. With the apartment complexes taking care of that, I was beginning to wonder if Las Vegas even had bugs. I found my answer the first day we moved in when I came across a cock roach (gasp) yes, a cock roach. All I could imagine was that sucker crawling into Ethan's crib....and I was on the phone with Orkin before the roach could even make a run for its life. I'm happy to say that I haven't had an unpleasant experience since.

So with a new house comes... decorating!!!! I absolutely love doing that type of stuff, so I've been busy painting, hanging pictures and mirrors, and buying new furniture! My latest accomplishment is Ethan's nursery. I'm hoping to raise an athlete so he will probably have this sports bedding till he's 18. :)

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Taylor and Valerie Housley said...

We need to go shopping together...I love love love decorating as well...the two of us together, shopping = TROUBLE!!! :-)