Sunday, April 27, 2008


So there really is no excuse to my lack of posting--hopefully I've redeemed myself by adding lots of fun, new posts! Enjoy!

We're also going to be VERY busy the month of May--we're taking Ethan to the beach for our second annual trip (we made our first family trip to the beach when he was 5 months old). The 24th of May is a big day for us (I can't say exactly why yet...) :-) and the last week in May is Disneyland!!!! We'll see how well I do posting before or after that!


Just some more random pictures.....

Ethan is starting to eat with utensils! He makes quite the mess and only a little bit of what was actually on the fork makes it into his mouth. The rest either goes on the floor or on his lap. And it is a PAIN to clean his high chair up after he's through!

He is really proud of himself for eating like a big boy and here are a few examples of the look on his face when he has "accomplished" his goal....

I'm proud to say that Ethan is such a mama's boy! Hopefully he always will be! He has been so cuddly and loving towards me lately. He will just come up to me and give me a hug or a kiss--and I don't even have to ask for it! Now that is all the praise I need! I was reading to Ethan in the love sac and he fell asleep with me--I can't even remember the last time he did that because he always seems to be on the go. When Skyler came home from work he took these pictures:

He even rolled over on top of me without waking up!

I sure love the boys in my life!!!!

On a side note: Ethan is getting his top molars and his bottom sharp teeth (incisors??) and has been acting like a champ! He almost has all of his teeth! My mom said that I didn't have ANY teeth until I was 18 months old--they even took me to the dentist to get x-rays to even see if I had any up there!!

Ethan can sing the first half of the ABC's--he kind of trails off into gibberish around J, K, L......and also loves to sing E.I.E.I.O. and that's the only part he'll sing. Sometimes after he wakes up from his naps, I can hear him on the monitor singing EIEIOhhhhh! So cute!

Ethan the Puppy Dog

This is a pretty funny video! He sure enjoyed sharing his food with Copper!

Colorado Springs, here we come!

So not even a week after my parents left Vegas, Ethan and I flew out to Colorado Springs for another fun-filled week. My sister graduates from HS this year and per Pine Creek Tradition, I capped her at the capping ceremony! I will post pics of that as soon as my sister emails me some!

Ethan was always such a good little flyer as a baby, but as he has gotten older, it is more and more difficult to fly with him alone. I think the next time we fly, even if he isn't 2, we will pay for the kid to have his own seat simply so I can STRAP him down in a car seat!! I guess I shouldn't really be complaining--at least Ethan isn't the baby screaming at the top of his lungs--he just crawls all over me and he thinks whichever stranger sitting next to us is fair game too. Some poor old man was sitting next to us on the way out to CO and Ethan was trying to take his glasses off his face, the pen out of his front pocket, and was trying to bang on his seat tray! Luckily Ethan is so darn cute that nobody minds him at all. He was playing peek-a-boo with the people sitting behind us, and trying to play with the lady's hair in front of us. Eventually though, he fell asleep and I was able to rest as well. I never thought I would envy somebody flying by themselves, sipping a soda and reading a magazine...peacefully!!!

Ethan has a lot of fun at my parent's house because of our dog Copper. Ethan LOVES to play with Copper and Copper is so patient when Ethan tugs her ears and pokes her eyes and tries to stick his hand in her mouth.

Ethan thought it was so funny to throw Copper some food from his plate (I have a funny video I will upload of this), and even was mimicking some of the things Copper does. For instance, he crawled on all fours more than I've seen him do since he started walking, he ate his food straight off the plate (no hands) and would shake his head like Copper. It was pretty funny!

We were also able to spend some time with Ethan's other grandparents! He has a lot of fun at Grandma and Grandpa Black's! I think it's because he knows that Grandpa gives him the goods a.k.a. CANDY! Plus he has a lot of fun playing cars with Brandon.

We went to Texas Roadhouse, and Ethan loved the rolls there so much that he actually put the entire thing in his mouth. He has never really been one to eat in small bites.....I don't know why he does this--does he think that if he doesn't eat the whole thing right away that we are going to take it away from him?!?!

Another cute picture: Ethan Black is Bruce Wayne is BATMAN!!! (I don't know what we had eaten that made our mouths slightly blue!)

Viva Las Vegas!

My parents and my two younger brothers, Scott and Jared, were able to come visit us in sunny Las Vegas for their Spring Break. It was so much fun to have them here for a week. My parents had a hotel room on the strip but Scott and Jared stayed with us to soak up time with their nephew Ethan. They are SOOO good with him! I would actually feel more comfortable leaving Ethan with my 12 and 11 year old brothers than with some of my adult friends!!! Ethan sure loves his uncles!

My mom and I had fun shopping and going to model homes (we LOVE to look at model homes!) and we had lots of yummy evening outs thanks to my dad! Another highlight of the trip was when we took Ethan swimming! The first day the outdoor pool's heater was broken and the water was FREEZING! Scott and Jared still got in, and we even tried to put Ethan in, but apparently my little boy is way too smart to swim in cold water! He preferred to just get his toes wet....

And when even that got too cold for him, he preferred to just watch everyone else swim in the comfort of a warm towel with Grandma....

Here are some more fun pictures from their visit!

Ethan and Emme looking cool with their sunglasses!

Yep, that's my 14 month old baby going to town on a barbecue rib!

And loving every minute of it!

I'm surprised I got a smile out of him after such a long day!!

Day two at the pool--the heater was working and he had a blast!

The water was so nice that even I joined them!

We hadn't even left the parking garage!!!

I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents! They are great grandparents to Ethan and we just love them to death!