Thursday, September 25, 2008


I put Ethan down for his nap probably 45 minutes ago and I can still hear him chattering away!! Who is he talking to?? He has been in a big boy bed for a while now, and at first we had problems keeping him in bed at night--ie: we put him down, shut the door and 2 minutes later he's running out the door...repeat every five minutes. But for the last 2 weeks or so, we haven't had any problems with him! Even in the mornings I can hear him playing in his room on the monitor--it used to be that he would come running into our bedroom yelling, "Teeth, teeth!!" (He ALWAYS wants to brush his teeth first thing in the morning and that is usually followed by "EAT, EAT!"). Sometimes he still runs into our room, but he will crawl up on our couch and read a book or play with a toy at the foot of our bed...he still likes to get in bed with us (between us I should say) and wrestle with his daddy!

Today, though, was different. I was scared nearly half to death at 5 in the morning when a little hand reached up and grabbed my arm!!! He was saying "Book, book, book" and was trying to hand me his Winnie the Pooh book to read to him! Skyler got up and put him back in bed explaining that it wasn't really morning yet and that we would read to him later. He went back to sleep and woke up at a much more reasonable time of 8:00. What a funny little boy! We sure love his silly personality!

Speaking of silly--he has been making the funniest faces when I tell him to smile at the camera......

Funny huh?!

We pulled out the infant car seat--and of course, Ethan was all over it!

He loves to eat corn on the cob now too! He even helps me peel the corn. He is getting so big I can hardly stand it! Good thing we have another one on the way because Ethan is just not a baby anymore (although, he will always be my baby!).

Our newest addition to the family is growing well, and things are looking great! He is much more active than Ethan ever was (I didn't know that was going to be possible!!)....and is the cause of some restless nights. Skyler can even feel him kicking him in the back in the middle of the night! How crazy is that? Skyler asked how I get any sleep at all--and that, my friends, is why women have children and men do not. I started feeling the joys of contractions about a week ago--and no, they are not the painless braxton hicks contractions--they are the stop-you-in-your-tracks contractions and last about a minute. I only have them a few times a day so it's nothing to be concerned about--more annoying than anything else. But we're getting close and can't wait to meet our new little guy!!!

Bump pictures at around 6 months--I had a really bad eye infection, hence the glasses.....

Other exciting news--I bought Ethan's Halloween costume a few weeks ago! I love love love Halloween! I love decorating my house, buying costumes, CANDY!! Everything, I love everything about it and I am sooo excited that Ethan will be old enough to go trick-or-treating to get candy for his (will-be) very pregnant mama!! I'm trying to teach him how to say "Trick or Treat" so hopefully he will have that down over the next month. He is going to be the cutest little turtle anybody has ever seen! The Children's Place has absolutely adorable Halloween costumes! It was hard to pick between a penguin and a turtle so I left it up to Ethan and he picked the turtle. Very wise decision on his part! :-)

Lastly, Ethan has learned to ask "What is that?" And being the ever inquisitive boy that he is--that's pretty much all I hear day in and day out. Seriously-I love it and think that it is so stinkin cute, but to be honest, sometimes I don't even know what he's asking "what is that?" and pointing to--so I just make it up as I go. The funniest part is when he asks what something is and I tell him--he'll be very satisfied and completely trusting in what I tell him! If only that would last into his teenage years........

Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Thoughts and Pictures

So like I said, we flew home to Colorado--so I thought it would be nice for Ethan to pull his own little carry-on bag. I found the perfect one too--it's an Elmo/sports themed carry on and it is darling!! I think I got more compliments at the airport than in the whole 19 months that we've had Ethan. And I must admit--he was pretty dang cute wheeling his luggage around!!

He looks like such a little man!!!

Ethan is also starting to talk a lot--and I mean A LOT! I am sometimes caught off guard at the words that come out of his mouth. I taught Ethan to say "Hut, Hut, Hike!" when I ask him what a football player says about 2 or 3 months ago but my mom thinks he's brainwashed though, because now I don't even have to say "what does a football player say?" to hear him say hut, hut, hike--all Ethan has to hear is the word football and he starts yelling hut, hut, hike! That's my boy!!!

Pregnancy is still going well--although, I am ready just to have him here! I'm so thankful for easy, non-complicated pregnancies!

Now for some random pictures.....

Ethan can now pull himself into our computer chair to "play" on the computer (even though he knows he isn't supposed to). Here's how I found him.

And him realizing that he was busted--just trying to butter me up with that cute face!

His reaction to me telling him to get down....

Riding his scooter bike at Grandma Savage's.

Again, the funny face he makes when I try to take his picture....

He sure loved the nice weather of Colorado--where he was actually able to go outside and play during the day!

We also recently had to get Ethan a new pair of tennis shoes because he outgrew his old ones way too fast. He now wears a size 7!! He loves to run and play in his new shoes!

Eating like a big boy

Whew! August was a busy month!

Skyler's brother, Cory, got home from his mission in May and was able to come out and visit us the second week of August and meet his nephew for the first time! It was fun having him around for a week.

Then, my brother, who is getting ready to leave for his mission, came out the week after Cory left. This allowed me to fly to Salt Lake to meet up with my mom for my cousin's wedding. It was the FIRST time I have EVER left my sweet little boy for longer than a couple of hours!!! It was nice that Skyler was able to take some time off of work to spend with Ethan and Jordan, and when Sky had to go in for meetings, it was comforting knowing that Jordan was with Ethan. They have a very special bond--maybe Ethan can sense the athlete in Jordan?! Ha ha. Anyway, going through the airport and security without my little man was a quick process (something I'm not really used to!) but the whole time I felt like I was forgetting something! I even teared up a little bit while I was sitting in the terminal by myself. But, it was the first time in a long time that I was actually able to read a magazine on the plane--quite refreshing if you ask me. It was great to spend some time with my mom that week....but I was sure ready to get home to my boys!! I got home on Friday night, and Skyler had to leave on Sunday to go to Mississippi for 2 weeks! Normally, when Sky is gone longer than a week his firm will fly him home for the weekend, but because the travel would have taken him so long, he decided that he would take the flight to New York City and spend some time with his buddy Scott and his wife. He loves New York so I'm glad he was able to go.

I got the idea, though, to fly home with Jordan on Monday and spend almost 2 weeks in Colorado since Sky was going to be out of town. We flew in Monday and it turned out that my mom was leaving on Tuesday to take Kristen to her first semester at BYU. So of course, Ethan and I decided to make the trek out there with them. He did wonderful in the car probably because of the built in DVD player that allowed him to watch Elmo over and over.

Lately, he's been making a really funny, random face when I take his makes me laugh every time!

It was fun helping Kristen get settled in and spend time doing more shopping! Ethan was such a sport walking everywhere we had to go because we didn't have his stroller--especially walking all over campus. He has this new thing, where he believes a set of keys will open ANY door he wants to open.