Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flying with 2, Thanksgiving, and Steve's Wedding...

My older brother Steve got married on November 28th to his love in the Oakland Temple. We were grateful to be able to go and be apart of the celebration! But in order for us to go, we had to travel with 2 small children! We knew that Teigan would be fine because he still sleeps so much--although, just the extra necessities that come with a newborn can be quite the hassle! We also knew we'd have to get pretty creative to keep little Ethan entertained on the airplane. Luckily, the flight wasn't full and Ethan was able to sit in his own seat even though we didn't pay for one. He surprised us with how calm and easily entertained he was!! We had absolutely no problems on the flight there or back! We flew out on Thanksgiving Day and met the rest of my family later in the afternoon. We waited a little too long before going to dinner, and since it was Thanksgiving nothing was open! So our Thanksgiving feast consisted of Whopper Jrs. and french fries! Which, to be honest, is all the same to me anyway. It was just fun to be with the entire family.

Friday was Steve's big day. They are a beautiful couple and we are excited to have Brittanie in our family!

We left early, early Saturday morning--it was such a quick trip for us! I'm just glad to be going to Colorado for Christmas because it just wasn't enough time with the family! Ethan absolutely adores his Papa (he asked, "where's papa?" the entire week before the wedding and hasn't stopped asking about Papa since we've been home) and loves his Uncle Scott and Uncle Jared to pieces. Grandma spoils Ethan way too much and he knows how to work her! :-) And Aunt Kristen is Ethan's favorite book reader. Ethan misses his Uncle Jordan (on his mission) terribly-and talks about him ALL the time! Of course, Teigan got passed around too! My grandparents were able to come as well, so it was nice for Ethan and Teigan to spend time with their great-grandparents!
Thanksgiving Din at Burger King!

Great Grandma Savage and Teig

Great Grandpa and Ethan

My beautiful sister, Kristen

The newly married couple: Steve and Brittanie Savage!

Ethan loves to lay next to Teigan like this

Friday, November 14, 2008

Life with Kids

Yes, kids.....I still can hardly believe that Skyler and I have two sweet little boys! Ethan has done very well adjusting to life with a little brother. He is a wonderful help to have around--he gets diapers for Teigan, brings me blankets, and throws diapers in the trash for us. When Ethan isn't preoccupied with something else, he can usually be found smothering his brother in kisses, poking him in the eyes, nose, mouth and ears, holding his hands and playing with his feet. He very much loves his little brother!

Teigan is seriously such an easy-going baby! I remember saying how easy we had it with Ethan and I didn't know it was possible to have a more mellow baby than Ethan--but Teigan definitely is easier than Ethan was (and Ethan was soooo easy)! We rarely hear Teigan cry, he eats like a champ, and last night Teig and I went to bed around 10 and I didn't have to get up with him till 3:45 and then he slept till 9! So my life is pretty great right now. Plus, Skyler has like 5 weeks of paid paternity leave--so he's been home with me all month and won't go back to work until December. It has been wonderful having him home!!! Although, I think I might be driving him a little nuts because I'm already talking to him about babies #3, 4, and 5! It's hard not to want lots of children when my pregnancies are a piece of cake and when the finished product is so sweet and cute!

Because of my easy pregnancy, labor and delivery--I have been working out since Teigan was probably 2 days old. It feels so good to have "my body" back! I love being able to run again too--I ran while I was pregnant with Teigan until I was 25 weeks--so 15 weeks of not being able to do anything but walk at an incline got VERY monotonous!

Now for a ridiculous amount of darling pictures!

Loving his 1st bath!

Ethan and his baby Mickey.

Ethan loves to hold Teigan!

Making baby faces

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guess who's here?!?!?

And two weeks early! We went into the hospital with some pretty strong contractions, they admitted me and broke my water around 7:00 pm and Teigan Grant was born at 10:22 pm! My labor was so stinkin easy--I feel bad for any moms that actually have to work to get their babies out!! I only pushed 3 times and less than 3 minutes later he was here! We love him so much and are so excited that he is finally part of our family! He looks a lot like Ethan in the face but Sky and I were kind of shocked to hear, "He's got blonde hair!!"

Teigan Grant Black 6 lbs. 3 oz. 20 inches

Daddy and Teigan

I sure love my boys!!

Ethan meeting his best friend for the first time! Such a tender moment!

Giving little brother kisses

Nana(my mom is no longer Grandma--Ethan prefers Nana) and Teigan

We are going to have fun these next couple of days adjusting to life with kids! Yes, plural! We feel so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful children!