Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes 2

Wrestle. That's what my boys do. All day everyday. Teigan is usually an unwilling participant in this sport, but he does what he has to to survive. Typically I can see the look in Ethan's eyes before he attempts to tackle Teig and I tell him "Don't even think about it mister." To which Ethan has a look like "how did she know?!" Other times I will walk in mid-wrestle to Teigan's screeches (doesn't cry-just screeches at me to rescue him) and I have to say, "Ethan get off of your brother-he doesn't like it!" And then there are times like the other day when the boys are rolling/wrestling around playfully. Boys will be boys right? So I allow that.

I was folding clothes and the boys were wrestling behind me. I heard them stop rolling around so I turned to look at them and Ethan had pinned Teigan--I was about to say "ok, get off your brother now" when Ethan said to Teigan, "Copper, you're my very best friend." Teigan didn't respond. Obviously. Frustrated by this, Ethan said, "Tei-GAN, you're SUPPOSED to say 'and you're mine too, Tod." I choked on my water. It was sooooo funny!

In case you didn't know, these lines are compliments of Fox and the Hound. Tod (fox) and Copper (hound dog) are playing when these lines take place. My little genius memorized these lines to use at the perfect time with his best friend. How much do I love my baby boys?? Thiiiiiiiiiis much!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon--Can't Wait to See You!

So unfortunately because we have children and basically no family or friends here that we feel comfortable asking to watch the kiddos while we abandon them to run around like teenagers til all hours of the night so we can fill our selfish needs to get high on vampires and werewolves...(I might be grouping Skyler in on this without his full consent, but I think secretly he's into it too)--we are just going to have to act like the adults that we are and wait until a more appropriate timing. *SIGH* Thankfully, my sister is coming for the weekend so we won't have to wait TOOOOOO long for a sitter! Am I excited? Duh. Am I obsessed? More than you know. Am I Team Edward or Team Jacob? Both, and I can explain myself.

For years Skyler has been calling me Bella. I guess that's my pet name and I love it. And guess what? He started calling me that 4 years ago WAAAY before this whole Twilight thing got out of hand. So basically, if I'm Bella--Skyler is Edward. Or Edward is Skyler. Either way--Edward is my husband. So obviously I have to be team Edward. I can't diss my spouse like that.

However, if I'm looking at it like that, I certainly can't leave Jacob out. You see, Jacob is Jacob Black. And I am Kellie Black. So obviously I'm married to Jacob too. The last name proves it. I'm an old school kind of gal and taking the last name of my man is what I do. So you see my predicament. Most people are either Team Edward or Team Jacob and there is no gray. I have to stay true to my men so you see my friends, I am both Team Edward and Team Jacob. Don't hate. Don't judge. I obviously had no choice in the matter. The fates have sealed it.

I am uber excited and can't wait to watch my husbands on the big screen with my husband. Wait?? Does that make sense? Oh yes my friends, oh yes it does.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Fun Being ONE!!!

This post is a little overdue--but I was in Colorado for 2 weeks and then home for a week and I just hadn't gotten around to posting.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that not only do I have a one year old--it's my SECOND child who just turned one. It feels at times like I should still be in drivers ed or going to prom or something. Life has gone by fast and I've been loving every second of it!

Teigan is our super sweet, cuddly baby boy. We love him for the spirit that he brings to our home. We know our family isn't complete just yet, but for now, we know we have these sweet boys for a reason. I don't have any stats on Teig yet because he hasn't been to the doctor because he's been fighting a cold and they only do "well" visits. He's not quite walking yet--he still prefers to crawl. I think he doesn't want to walk because he's smart enough to know that when he does Ethan is going to be ALL over him! Tackling, wrestling, pushing, etc. We love him and are so grateful to have him!!!

Teigan LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Elmo--so Elmo birthday theme it was!

The Birthday Boy!!

No day is complete without something like this: Teigan being held against his will!

Opening his first present

Time for birthday cake and ice cream!

Cupcakes Kristen and I made

A close up--super easy to make!

Teigan's 1st attempt--a bit timid.....

And his second attempt!

Onto his second cupcake

Grandpa Black giving Teigy a drink of sparkling champagne--loved his reaction!

Completely relaxed!

LOVE this CUTE face!

Tub time--ready to call it a night!! Until next year......

Birthdays are so important to me and I know Skyler might think I'm a little nutty when it comes to celebrating (I go all out)--but honestly, each year that I have a healthy, happy baby is totally worth celebrating in my opinion! I want each of my children to know, especially on their birthdays, that they are loved and appreciated individually. I'm so thankful for my family. Especially Teig on his birthday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes.....

Ethan, Teigan and I are visiting in Colorado Springs while Skyler is away on business. This morning Ethan woke up and said he wanted to go up to see Scott and Jared. I told him that they had already left for school but Ethan insisted he checked it out for himself.

He came back downstairs about 10 minutes later and reported that Scott and Jared had in fact gone to school. While he was talking I could smell Snickers bar on his breath. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Ethan, where did you get the candy??

Ethan: (doesn't respond-just stares at me)

Me: Ethan, who gave you that candy??

Ethan: Ummm.....(hesitation) Joseph Smith.

Me: LOL!!!!!!

Oh how I love my talking two (almost 3!) year old!! The things he comes up with just makes my day :)