Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrating FOUR Years

Really? Where has the time gone? I know we have two boys now, but seriously--it feels like yesterday we were dating and falling in love.

I've heard it said before that marriage is a mirror. And I completely believe that. Initially the notion of marriage brought mostly thoughts of always loving Skyler, but now looking in retrospect at our years together, I’ve come to see that so much of it has been about me learning and growing to be a better person. I’m amazed at how much I have been stretched and challenged and made better because of my marriage. My marriage mirror has shown me that I can be stubborn and selfish. It has shown me that I need to support more and complain less; that I need to continually seek maturity and wisdom where I harbor irresponsibility.

When I look into my "marriage mirror" and see my unattractive qualities I feel so blessed to have an eternal companion who looks past them to see the good. Someone who helps me to be better. Someone who loves me when I am unlovable and respects me when I am not worthy of respect.

My husband makes me feel beautiful, treats me as though my spirit is gentle and worth loving, and that I am valuable; I have realized, although I don't always show it, that I have a heart for Skyler's happiness--that I only want to see him succeed and desire to take care of his spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. I've learned through marriage how important it is to love, support and understand my husband--to really be his best friend.

When I fell in love with Skyler and agreed to marry him--I knew I was beginning a journey which would require us to stand side-by-side, hand-in-hand no matter the trials we would face. What I didn't realize but now do, is that as much of our marriage is a collective journey to be done together, it is also an individual one. One where I am supposed to learn and grow and stretch my capacity to do things I never knew possible. It's just comforting to know that while I work on my individual weaknesses, I have a husband who loves and supports me.

To my honey on our anniversary, I want to thank you--for the memories, the joy, and the richness you have added to my life. I love you more than all of my favorites combined. Thank you for always loving me...especially in those times that I have been "unlovable." I know we are meant to last an eternity. I love you!