Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Father's Day Tribute

I figure while I'm at it, I might as well write a Father's Day post a little bit early....when I married Skyler, I knew, firstly that he would be an outstanding husband, and secondly that he would be a fantastic father. He has exceeded my expectations and more with the love and patience he shows our sweet little boy. Nothing makes me happier than to see my two boys playing together. It's even sweeter to know how much Ethan loves his daddy and looks up to him. It's funny, because when Ethan does something good or new, he usually looks to Skyler for his approval. Ethan and I are blessed to have Skyler in our lives.

I'm not going to say that Skyler is the most perfect husband or perfect father in the world, because I know that there are many, many wonderful husbands and fathers out there--some of my dearest friends and family are married to them--however, I will say this: Skyler is the perfect husband FOR me and the perfect father FOR Ethan and really, that's all I could ever want. They say that "the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother" and Skyler does just that and Ethan knows it. So thank you Skyler for being everything a girl and little boy could ask for! We love you--Happy Father's Day!

Lots of new posts...

...and I mean LOTS of new posts! I'm all caught up for now.....I suggest you get comfortable!

Child Labor

We recently bought a new treadmill and Ethan was VERY curious the first day we had it--we figured we'd let him try it out. It's pretty cute...I tell you--we have an athlete in training!

Our little boy is growing up!!

I can hardly believe we've had Ethan in our home for 16 whole months! He has brought us so much joy and laughter and we can't wait to add another little baby to our family! So here's a run down of fun new things that Ethan does.

1. He is starting to (try) and dress and undress himself. After a nap one morning, this is how I found him....

2. He likes to "read" anything he can get his hands on--even if it is the Albertson's ads

3. He LOVES to dip his food in ketchup AND mustard now! It used to be that he just liked ketchup, but now, I think he likes mustard more...he is his mama's son!

4. He can eat a popsicle all by himself now! By actually holding it from the stick.

5. He is starting to feed himself with a fork or spoon....

6. ....Well, sort of! He does well for the first couple of bites!

7. Ethan folds his arms and bows his head at prayer time--he will sometimes close his eyes, but doesn't understand that he is supposed to do that for the entire prayer. And when the prayer is over Ethan says, "Amen!" We didn't even have to teach him to fold his arms or anything...he really did learn from our example. That's pretty rewarding as a parent!
8. He has officially moved into a big boy bed! He sleeps in a very large (for his body) full size bed! We were somewhat forced into this--we probably wouldn't normally put a 16 month old in a big bed, but he left us no choice! I've said before that we had problems with him getting his Division 1 thighs stuck in the crib railings. About a month ago, we actually had to take apart the front of his crib to release his thigh--it's a good thing Skyler was home to do that otherwise I probably would have had to grease him out of that mess! We still didn't think he was ready for the big bed yet, so instead, we went and bought one of the child mesh rails to keep kids from falling out of bed and we just attached that to his crib. That worked well for about 3 weeks. Until he actually fell out of bed by falling OVER the crib rail. We didn't want that to happen again, so we moved the full size bed into his room. The first night, he thought he was pretty smart to get out of bed after Skyler and I had left the room. After about 7 or 8 times of us repeatedly putting him back in bed and telling him to stay in bed, he finally understood and stayed put. We wondered if in the morning he would just let himself out of his room, but to our surprise we actually had to go in and get him! And that was definitely short lived. I feel like I've been in a power struggle with my 16 month old for the last couple of days. And power struggle and 16 month old shouldn't even be in the same sentence!!! Nap times are especially hard because he either constantly lets himself out of the room or he helps himself to his books and toys and plays in his closet and pulls clothes out of his's hard to be upset with him though when he is so dang smart! Today, I put him in bed and then shut the door. I've learned to just stay right outside the door for a few minutes and sure enough, not even 2 seconds after I shut the door, I see the door handle turn and there's Ethan! He will shriek if he sees me, slam the door in my face and run to get back in bed! Does that sound like a 16 month old to you???! And he's so smart because he'll open the door, and wait a minute (like he's expecting me to be there) and if I'm not, he'll make a mad dash into our bedroom. Ugh! I really miss his crib days! But, I guess he's got to learn sometime......Now, I get woken up by my adorable son trying to rummage through my night-stand every morning (yes, he lets himself out of bed).

I just ordered his adorable bedding set--so pictures to come as soon as his room is put together!

We certainly love Ethan to pieces!!!


We have been so busy with lots of little vacations lately! And we still have quite a few coming up! Anyway, thanks to my wonderful parents, we were able to all spend 3 days at the happiest place on Earth! It was great getting together with the family one last time before Jordan heads off to Brazil for his mission. My grandparents were even able to come which was very special. I don't have a lot to write about--I figure a picture is worth a thousand words right? So, I'll just post a bunch of pictures of our trip. Ethan did so well spending all day at the park--we were worried that he wouldn't sleep in his stroller with all the commotion of Disneyland, but he did so well!! He enjoyed lots of the little rides too. I think his favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean because he was in a boat floating on water. Ethan was Skyler's little sidekick on the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and had fun spinning the cart so Dad could shoot at the targets. It was pretty dang cute! He also enjoyed spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa Savage (who rode with him on most of the rides)...they did Peter Pan, Toad's Grand Adventure, the Jungle Safari, the Haunted Mansion, etc. He just couldn't figure out why we had to wait in such LONG lines! He was a trooper though. We can't wait to go again (hear that Grandpa???)!

Eating yummy food from a yummy buffet

Shoving a whole pancake in his mouth!

He insisted on holding both of our hands!

The girls

Great Grandma and Grandpa Savage

Soaking wet after Grizzly River Run

1st bite of cotton candy! He didn't know if he liked it or not....but he ate it!

Trying to pose for a family picture

In line at Pirates of the Caribbean

Fast asleep after a long 3 days at Disneyland!

Awake just in time for the fireworks!!

Thanks again Mom and Dad for a fabulous, fun vacation!!

Santa Monica Beach Vacay!

A few weeks ago, Ethan and I were able to join Skyler on one of his "business/training" courses out to Los Angeles. Skyler's firm pays for him to fly out, the hotel for the week, and all of his meals. So instead, Skyler checked to see if they would reimburse him for gas money and we all drove out instead! We spent almost a week in a beautiful hotel with a huge swimming pool and an awesome outdoor mall right across the street! Ethan and I were in heaven while Skyler was hard at work!! Sky's training started at 8 every morning, so Ethan and I would go to breakfast every morning at this delicious cafe inside the hotel (luckily we had meal vouchers for this, seeing that 3 scrambled eggs cost about $18.00!!). Then we would either go for a walk or head back up to the room so Ethan could watch Sesame Street (he's obsessed with "Melmo"--that's Elmo in Ethan's vocab) and take a nap. Sky would join us for lunch, then Ethan and I would either go for a swim or head to the mall. It was a lot of fun being able to take this mini vacation together.

And of course, the whole reason we made this happen was so that we could take Ethan back to the beach for his 2nd time! Skyler and I have decided that we've started this little tradition of going to the beach at least once/year. We are also planning on upgrading beaches as the years progress. Think Hawaii and the Caribbean....we just love the beach!!! Anyway, Ethan was about 5 months old the first time and he was NOT a happy camper. It was a lot colder and windier our first visit so we think that had something to do with it. This time, it was about 85 degrees and very, very nice!
Not very happy at 5 months....

....and couldn't be happier at 16 months!

We really had so much fun at the beach together. Here are a few pictures from our beach adventure!

We hadn't even left the parking lot yet!!!

So that was our day at the beach. A few nights later we went to Santa Monica Pier.....