Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We are so grateful for this Easter holiday to reflect on the many blessings we've been given. I couldn't help but think today, that if we live righteously, we can be a family for eternity because of the resurrection of our Savior! It is such a profound thought that I'm just going to leave it at that....I'm in awe of the plan our Heavenly Father has created for us.

We took Ethan to an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday and let's just say it was complete and utter mayhem. I don't think I will ever do one of those huge egg hunts ever again!

Look at that crowd!!! And this is only the 1-3 age group!!

Regardless of the crowd--Ethan was able to collect a few eggs. He had a lot of fun!

To be honest, I can't believe I even have a child that is able to hunt for eggs! It seems so surreal. This is Ethan last year on his very first Easter-barely able to sit up on his own.....

And now today-walking around like a big boy.....

We (I) dyed some eggs together. It made quite the mess, but Ethan really loved watching the egg go from white to blue and green and orange, etc.

The Easter Bunny was very generous to Ethan this year--a new big coloring book and toddle crayons! Not to mention Ethan's favorite--CANDY!!

Hunting for Easter Eggs!

Taking a bite of his very first Peep...he loved it (of course). I, however, cannot repeat cannot STAND Peeps! I don't even really like to look at them. Skyler, on the other hand, loves them. Yuck.....

Coloring with Daddy

Picture Update

I know I haven't done a great job keeping my blog updated--so I'm going to try and be better. Starting with a few new fun pictures.
This picture is so funny--Ethan fell asleep while eating an apple slice in the car!

Lately we've been letting Ethan do things on his own--ie: brush his own teeth, feed himself with a spoon, and walk around the house with a bowl of frozen peas or mini marshmellows, etc. Anyway, the funny thing about him walking around with his bowl is when he walks some of the marshmellows spill out of the bowl--and when he bends over to pick up the ones that spilled, more end up falling out! He looks at us like, "What is going on?!"

Here's the picture of Ethan feeding himself his yogurt. He gets SOOOO messy! But I guess they have to learn somehow, right?!

Such a funny face for a funny little boy!

Hanging out in his Kid Sac.....

Resting on Daddy

Eating his hot dog like a big boy!

I love this picture! When Ethan wakes up on Saturday mornings, either Sky or I go and take him out of his crib and change his diaper...then we get back in bed and let Ethan "explore" the upstairs of our house. Skyler and I don't really go back to sleep, we just lay in bed listening to what our little explorer is getting into. We can usually hear the drawers to his dresser getting opened and closed and know there is going to be a huge mess waiting for us. Yesterday though, we didn't hear anything so we went to see what he was doing and he was just chillin in his love sac!!! It was sooo cute! We just had to laugh at our little buddha baby.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm a bad blogger!!!

Ok, so after weeks and weeks of not updating, I figured I would fill you in on what's going on around here. Not too much has changed with me or Skyler, although, busy season has pretty much come to an end--and I cannot tell you how relieved/happy I am to have my husband back!!! He was working like 15-16 hour days!! Sometimes longer!!! It was almost unbearable. But I guess that's the life of a CPA's wife!!! :-) I think when the big money starts rolling in-I'll be able to "cope" much better by occupying my time with a little retail therapy :-) Until then.......

Luckily I have such an awesome little man to spend my time with. He is 13 months old, and continues to amaze us with his intelligence!!! I'm gonna do a run down of new fun things that Ethan has started to do (and some fun pictures). In no specific order......

1. He's learning his ABC's! He has a little musical thing that goes on our fridge (thanks, Gramma Savage!) and also we watch Wheel of Fortune every night. He LOVES Wheel of Fortune! It's pretty funny because he will yell at the tv "E"! and "T"! And then he will look at us for approval.

2. He drives into the driveway with daddy. And he thinks this is sooo cool!

3. He knows that a cow says "moo" and a dog says "roof roof" and a cat says "meow."
4. He has gone potty on his big boy potty a few times already. The little girl that I watch is in the midst of being potty trained, and Ethan seemed interested and has done very well so far!

5. He knows how to open doors now. That means I have to watch him double time to keep him from throwing underwear in the toilet. At least he has the connection between big boy underwear and the toilet???

6. Loves the warm weather we've been having and likes to go out and ride around on our patio. He also likes to "collect" rocks as well as eat them.

7. He likes to see what mama is reading

8. He still continues to shove food in his mouth at insurmountable speed as though we are giving him a time limit....or never going to feed him again.

9. He is getting his back molars. Surprisingly, it was only a rough day or two. I know what he is going through-my wisdom teeth are breaking through my gums and it hurts like nobody's business. And I know what's going on! These poor babies that have no idea......
10. He loves to build blocks with his daddy. They play all evening!

11. He loves to take warm baths and snuggle when he's out.

12. He likes to help mama and daddy cook.

13. He loves to give kisses to random little girls at church. Ladies man already?? I think we're in trouble....
14. He is DEFINITELY a mama's boy--and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

15. We've recently had to remove the bumper from his crib because being the adventurous dare devil that he is--he was using it to climb out of his crib. Now we have to deal with his future-football-player-sized thighs getting stuck through the railings....

16. When I do sit ups or pilates on the floor, Ethan is my "personal trainer"--crawling all over me to add "resistance."
17. He loves to get into drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and basically everything that he is NOT supposed to be getting into.
18. He pretty much skipped walking and went straight for running.
19. Loves to walk around in his new GAP flip flops-even when we're home.
20. He has started expressing himself through little when the garage door opens he looks at me and goes, "huh!" Or when the microwave beeps, it's "ahh!" Pretty dang cute if you ask me!
21. When I ask "Who's hungry?" Ethan says, "MEEE!!!" He pretty much says that after anything I ask...."who wants to go to the park? Who wants to take a nap? Who wants to take a bath?"
22. Our ward was recently split, and our wonderful coveted time of 1:00 changed to 11:00--right in the middle of nap time!!! Most of the other little kids at church seem to get by on just goldfish or other little snacks. Not our little eater. We have to bring pasta noodles and cut up hot dogs!! Sometimes we'll even throw in a string cheese! :-) But trust me, bringing his "lunch" is a lot better than the alternative......
23. He has recently INSISTED on feeding himself with a fork or spoon. The problem is, he still isn't very good at it, so it turns out to be a huge mess! But, he really puts up a fight if I try to feed him myself....I just need to show him who's boss......
24. He calls me Kellie. He still calls me mama for the most part, but when he wakes up from his naps or in the mornings, he can be heard calling "Kellie!" from his crib. Skyler has told me that when I leave Ethan with him to run errands or have "me" time, when he hears the garage door open he says, "Kellie?!" I would probably put my foot down and insist that he calls me mom by not responding to Kellie, but he is just so stinkin cute when he says it.
25. He has pretend phone conversations with his daddy during the day on his cell phone.

Well, those are just a few that I could think of! Hope everybody had a good Sunday!!!