Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kristen Savage, COME ON DOWN....

....YOU ARE THE 1ST FOUR CONTESTANTS ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's true! She was the last name called to be in contestants row. She ran her cute little butt up there--and had to bid on a 5 piece COACH purse set. Being the true shopper she is, and thanks to my infinite wisdom of all things fashion that I have passed onto her--she bid $1375. The actual retail price was $1378!!! She was only $3.00 away! Can you even stinkin believe that???? So she ran up stage kissed Drew Carey, and they revealed her prize as a 2009 Ford Ranger! My mom and I were going crazy in the audience and I could tell Kristen was really nervous on stage. She was nervous because she, more than anybody, really needed a new car!!! Just a few weeks ago her car broke down and she ended up selling it for $150 to a junkyard and was forced to ride public transportation!!!!

Anyway, she played a game called Switcheroo. Basically, she had 5 number cubes with different numbers on them and 5 prizes with one number missing and she had to fill in the missing numbers in 30 seconds. The timer started and Kristen just stared into the audience not really knowing what to do. Finally, she just started filling in the spots without giving much thought to it. I was dying laughing in the audience because obviously she didn't understand the game quite yet. After the 30 seconds were up Drew asked how many she had right and a big old ZERO flashed on the game and the loser sound rang. Luckily, she got another 30 seconds to get her act together and at the end of the time she had 3 of the 5 right!!!! It was pretty nerve racking wondering whether one of the winning prizes was the car. First, they showed her the Burberry perfume, then the bendable keyboard, and the last thing that lit up was the CAR!!!!!!!!!! She went over on the wheel so no chance at the showcase but she won a CAR!!!!!!!!!!

We are so ecstatic for Kristen!!!! I called dibs on the purses and when she sells her car she's paying for Sky and I to get laser eye surgery and taking me on a shopping spree!!! What a great little sis I have!

Our shirts said, "We support you Drew Carey!!!" It had a picture of a bra on it too. Get it? SUPPORT YOU?! HAHAHA!

Her Ford Ranger is red, but this is the first picture I clicked on....

Make sure and watch her on the Price is Right April 10th!!!!!!! Disneyland pictures to come!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little bit of this--a little of that.....

Nothing new has really been happening lately in the Black Family. Just two little boys who are growing up way too fast!!! Skyler's dad was in town this week for business and was able to spend a lot of time with his grandsons!!! The highlight of that for Ethan was the new shiny red tricycle that Grandpa bought him! He absolutely loves it. It took him a minute to figure out how to pedal instead of using his legs on the ground like all of his other riding toys. I almost wanted to cry when I saw him pedaling down the street. I can't believe I have a son big enough to pedal!!!! His steering is a bit rusty though....he's gone into many a bushes!! Skyler also surprised me this week by taking the entire week off!!!! Can't get enough of my man! My mom and little brothers got in last night and we are off on Sunday to sunny California for a trip to Disneyland and The Price is Right!!!

Teigan soaking up his grandpa

This next picture is so funny. Sky and I were sitting on the couch the other day not really paying attention to Ethan with his new stickers. What caught our attention was hearing Ethan talking to Teigan. He said, "Teigan which sticker do you want?" And this is what he got!!!! It was hilarious!

Teigan chillin'

Ethan eating his fajita like a pro!

Teig sleeping like a big boy in Mama and Daddy's bed!

Skyler made a "clubhouse" for Ethan out of a huge box with a door and windows--and Ethan absolutely LOVES his clubhouse. He takes toys and books and snacks in there. Ethan even likes to watch his morning cartoons from inside his clubhouse. Sometimes, before he gets in he'll say "Miska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!" Because those are the magic words to make the clubhouse appear on his favorite Mickey Mouse show. Sometimes we joke about taping him in there though!!! In fact, in the last picture, Skyler put the door up against a wall so that Ethan couldn't get out!! He wasn't too happy about that.

This is the cake I made for my ward's auction tomorrow night--obviously a giant Snickers Bar. Yummy!!! Everything is edible except for the Hungry? Why Wait? banner.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Has it really been 4 months?!?!

Yes, it's true. Our sweet little Teig is 4 months already. He weighed a little over 13 pounds (25th%) and was 26 inches (90th%). Because he is so long, he has to wear 6-9 month clothing. The doctor said as soon as he starts eating baby food he will definitely fill out. Apparently 13 lbs is pretty good for not being formula fed. I'll tell ya, Teig has some pretty cute fat rolls on his thighs! Why is it only cute on little babies??? :-) Teigan is rolling over, smiling a TON, babbling, blowing bubbles, sleeping through the night, and laughing at Ethan!! They are going to be best buddies! Oh we love our little Teigan! So with tradition, here are his pictures:

3 months

And 4 months!

All of his pictures his hands are up by his face because he LOVES to suck on them!

Ethan is also doing well. The crazy thing about having 2 kids now, is I can't always keep an eye on Ethan, especially when I'm feeding Teigan. The crazier thing is I'm pretty sure Ethan knows this! He always gets into things when I'm feeding Teigan.

For example:

That is Cream of Wheat poured all over my floor! I never knew Cream of Wheat would be so hard to clean up!!!

Other cute pictures of my boys:

With Cream of Wheat dust on his face

Ethan really loves his little brother! ("It's OK Teenden!")

So handsome in his church outfit!!

I love his cute little smile!!

Like I said, Teigan babbles a lot--so I pretend to have conversations with him. "Goo Goo Gah Gah" "What's that? You have a little sister waiting to come to our family?" Ha ha. Well, the other day I was having "pretend" conversation with Teigan and Ethan came over confused and said, "Mom, how you know Teenden saying?" Cause I'm the mom, that's why!!! :-)

I'm so blessed to be trusted with 2 healthy sweet little men!!

Bottoms Up!

I was asked to make a baby shower cake for a good friend's friend who is having a little girl. This is what I came up with!!!

The "diaper" is a half ball pan covered in fondant, the legs and feet are rice krispy treats covered in fondant, and the daisies and blanket are also fondant. The rest of the cake is covered in buttercream. I hope the mom-to-be likes it!! :-)