Friday, April 24, 2009

New Addition to the Black Fam--and it's a GIRL!

Well, an honorary member that is..........what did you expect??? That I could possibly be pregnant again?! Gotcha! My sister Kristen is bunking with Ethan for the summer! We are so excited to have her!!!!!! We need more estrogen in the Black household! On a different note--her NEW truck is being delivered TODAY! Hooray!

Monday, April 20, 2009

E and T playin

The video is a little dark because I didn't have time to turn the light on--but this video is so cute of E and T being buddies! I can't wait until Teigan is a little older so he can really "play" with Ethan! Ethan is the only one who can really get Teigan to do a big belly laugh! I love to hear my boys' laughter! Life is good!

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Skyler and I had to speak in church so our good friend's the Coopers watched our 2 boys during the meeting. Which was quite the task for them and I'm so glad they were up for it because they have 3 boys of their own. They said they are going to hold off on their 4th for a while.....hahahaha! Ethan and Teigan were both well behaved though, so I am proud of them! The Easter bunny came and brought some sweet gifts for the boys.

Ethan had fun dying some sweet eggs....

And hunting for them!

Do you know how hard it is to find matching outfits for a 2 year old and 5 month old?!?! I can't wait until Teig is 1--it will make shopping so much easier!! Here are my handsome men!

Random Pictures

Yes--the Black family is alive and doing well!! I'm really behind on my blogging--so I have a ton of fun pictures to post! Get ready for the ride!

Skyler was mentioning in this picture that he can still hold Teigan in one hand.....

Somebody realized he has feet!!

Skyler's birthday was on the 1st. Yes, he is an April Fool's baby. I can't believe my husband is 26 years old!!! I love him to pieces. We are truly perfect for each other. He is the best, most caring husband and an incredible father. Me, Ethan and Teigan (and future chitlen) are sure lucky to have him around! He works so hard for our family and although I know his job isn't easy--he is so willing to help out with anything I need at home. Did I mention how sexy he is, too?! It's hard not to love someone who is so easy on the eyes! He has also given me two of the most handsome boys ever and I love him even more for that! I can't wait for many more birthdays with my man--it really has gotten better every single year I've known him! We went and had a couples massage to ring in his 26th birthday--it was very relaxing!! Because my husb doesn't really care for cake but loves the game Halo--I made him some awesome Halo sugar cookies!

Ethan loves anything that isn't is. Mainly, anything that is for Teigan. He rides around in his walker multiple times a day. Just climbs on in and out whenever he wants. He even tries to shimmy in even if Teigan is in it.

Baby Shower cake I made for a good friend who just had her second baby boy!

Purse cake I made for my cute friend, Aimee's birthday! A bunch of us got together and went out for sushi--it was De-Lish and the company was better!

First time Ethan has EVER fallen asleep during lunch. Thanks to the soothing voices during General Conference!

Bath Time!!!

5 months down....a bazillion more to go.....

This post is only a few weeks old......just goes to show how much time I have on my hands with 2 little ones now!!! Teigan is SUCH AN EASY BABY!!!!! We are beyond blessed to have him in our home. He is alike Ethan in some ways but completely different in other ways and it is so much fun to see their different personalities. For example, when Ethan was 5 months old when he woke up in the morning he was UP and ready to play. He didn't want anything to do with laying in bed with us or anything. Teig on the other hand, looks forward to waking up and laying in bed with mommy and daddy. He loves to be held obviously, but also is totally ok with hanging out wherever I lay him.

He didn't visit the doctor this month but I can tell he is growing. That might have something to do with the fact that he started vegetables this month!! And let me tell you---he LOVES all of them. He is the noisiest eater-- you can literally hear him saying um um um in between every single bite. He is a pro at rolling over and scooting. He recently found his feet and loves to play with them. He also has the cutest laugh ever! Oh I just love my little guy to death. I'm so grateful for his healthy, strong little body.
4 months...

And 5 months....

I had the hardest time taking his picture this month because he kept trying to sit up away from the couch!

And of course a photo shoot is not a photo shoot without Ethan in the picture. Ethan loves the camera!

He also loves to "share" with Teigan. See what I mean......... :-)

Disneyland Pics

While we were in California for the Price is Right we also went to Disneyland for the day. It was fun because it just worked out that Grandma and Grandpa Black were going to be there the same day too. One day at Disneyland was perfect for my two little guys. Ethan had a lot more fun the second time around and Teigan was a champ all day long!

Aunt Kristen and Teigan with his sweet Mickey ears

The girls at the Lego Store

Me and Teigy waiting for Ethan to get off the airplane ride with Grandpa Black

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters...can you tell how excited Ethan is?? :-)

He LOVED being inside Mickey Mouse's house!!

I know my son is super tired when....he falls asleep with a sucker in his hand!!!

Uncle Scott and Teigan