Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come home Mr. E!!!

Kristen had to drive her new truck from the Price is Right back to Colorado to trade it in for something new--and she thought that since she was only going to stay for 3 or 4 days that she should take Ethan with her so he could visit his grandparents. I thought that sounded like a fun idea....well that was almost 2 weeks ago!!!! And my little boy is STILL in Colorado!! I miss him! Although, it has been kind of fun pretending that we only have 1 child....and I bet Teigan has loved all of the extra attention!!

I have talked to Ethan every day since he's been gone and he tells me all about his day: what he's doing at the time that we're talking, what he ate for breakfast, lunch and what he's going to eat for dinner, how he plays with our dog Copper, etc. Then he asks me what I'm doing and what Teigan is doing and informs me that daddy's at work. He's so stinkin smart! And when we get off the phone he says, "Bye mama, I love you!" It just melts my heart everytime! I so love that he can express himself now!! He comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to spend some time with my little Ethan!!!!

Here are some fun pictures of the boys!

Ethan loves to hold Teig all by himself

Kristen feeding Teigan before our fun Cinco de Mayo party!!

A yummy choco taco for Cinco de Mayo...and he LOVED his pina colada!

My adorable Teig

Ethan "reading" Teigan a book--what an awesome big brother!

Some fun cupcakes I made for a Relief Society get together

Teigan drinking all by himself!!

Six months (actually almost 7 months!!)

I have been so bad about updating my blog lately!! I'm just having too much fun with my sister being here! And Skyler has been working a TON lately. Some really late nights--so any of my free time is spent trying to find time to spend with my husb! And of course, having two active, fun little boys keeps me pretty busy!!

Ok, so because we've recently had to switch doctors (our pediatrician moved) he hasn't been in for his 6th month checkup yet. He goes in on Tuesday so I'll post stats then. Teigan is still just our chill little guy. He eats fruits and vegetables like a champ, loves drinking his juice all by himself (he holds his own bottle!!) which is a little bittersweet for me because he's just getting to be such a big boy!!! He isn't crawling quite yet (Ethan was crawling at 7 months) because he has realized that he can get from point A to point B by rolling and rolling and rolling. It's quite cute. Teig can get up on his hands and knees....he just doesn't really know what to do after that!! He babbles a ton, blows lots of raspberries, puts his paci in his mouth by himself, and gives us constant smiles! I love this age!!!! Really, I'm just so thankful that he's healthy. So, here are his pictures!

5 months

And 6 months!

Stop the cuteness!

Stop it I say!!!

Oh how we love our little Teigitty!!!