Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday, it rained for a bit here in Las Vegas. The only nice thing about Las Vegas is that when it does rain it usually stays pretty nice outside--it was still probably 90-95 degrees. Anyway, Ethan and I were hanging out with our friends Emme and her mom Melanie. They asked if they could go outside to play in the rain and we figured there was no harm in that. Well, as it turns out, they really wanted to "shower" in the rain--so both of them stripped down to their birthday suits and rain around and danced in the rain. I practically had to pry Ethan through the sliding doors to get him back in the house. I swear, if that kid had it his way, he would NEVER wear clothes. Taking off his clothes and diaper is one of his many talents. I guess I can't blame him though!

Oh, and check out Ethan's cute tan lines! I am in love with that little boy!


Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

Thatis one of the most adorable lpictures I thinki have ever seen. blow it up and put it up for art work. Two precious bums. mm humm.

guerita buenita said...

cute bum!

Tim & Kamee said...

Kellie this is kamee grover how have you been? I was just wondering how you got your awesome backround? Alos congrats on the new coming baby.