Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gymboree has been the best thing EVER!

We take Ethan to a little play group every Saturday and the teacher does all kinds of fun activities and exercises with the babies. I think that it has really helped with Ethan's development. He is picking up on things so quickly! It's almost like he sees the other babies and either wants to do what they can do (or do it better!). I think I have quite the competitive little spirit on my hands--which makes mama very proud!!!!

Working on hand/eye coordination

Ethan was the only baby (of 5 or 6) that could grab his ball off the cone! ( I know, I'm bragging again) :-)

Notice the other ball still on the cone!

Still has it!

He refused to let it go!!!

Playing baby soccer!!!

My handsome boy is growing up!!!


Doing the "Jimbo Dance"

Yep his shirt says "I'd rather be naked" and it's true--he loves to be nakey!!!

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Jessi said...

thats so awesome! I wish we had things like that for kids in rexburg. I checked into i, but I and one other lady were the only one interested, so they cancelled it! I was so bumbed! It looks like you guys are having so much fun!