Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Festivus Miracle

Seriously. Who is surprised to see a new post from Black land? You know when you put something off and continue to put it off until you just get so far behind it just doesn't seem worth while to do it anymore? That's kind of how I felt as of late. We're back in Colorado with both sets of grandparents who get to see the boys all day long--and I sort of figured they're the only ones who read the blog it just wasn't a priority I guess. Plus, my camera stopped working sometime in August and we finally replaced it! So for those of you who happen to stalk my blog I'm back in business. :) Anyway, I was starting to feel guilty keeping your eyes from two of the most handsome toddlers around.

We love being in Colorado now! This was my first season snowboarding--thanks to an awesome husband who taught me how I actually really enjoy it! Ethan went up with us a few weeks ago for his very first day in ski school! He absolutely loved it and did really, really well!

Ethan was pretty upset when it was time to leave.....even after almost 6 hours of skiing! But we promised him he could go back to ski school soon and got him in the car--he didn't make it out of the parking lot awake!

Both boys really looked forward to Christmas this year. They were excited for Santa to come and asked almost every day to make cookies for him.

On Christmas Eve one of Santa's little helpers left new pj's and some magical reindeer food on the front steps. Ethan and Teigan looked like sweet little Christmas elves! The boys spread the magical reindeer food (oats and colored sugar) on the front lawn so Santa's reindeer could find our house and eat some food. They loved that!

They're showing off little flashlights Skyler bought for them....and E decided to wear the headband I use to keep my hair back when I wash my face. At least it matched his jammies :)

Teigan kept trying to pull the candycane out from the belt on his pajamas--so funny!

We had a great Christmas in Colorado!


Carissa Rasmussen said...

I'm so glad that you posted and that I was able to see You! You look great and I'm so glad we could catch Up!,

Ben and Rachel said...

Your boys are getting so big. Cute. :)Glad you had a good Christmas in beautiful Colorado.

Jessi said...

they are NOT the only ones that read the blog! fiiinnallly! I was about to put you in my "where have you gone?" category. jk. glad to see that things are well. I love you family pics!

Jeff said...

I know that I already commented before this week, but Em's gone so I get bored fast. Anyways, your two elves are the cutest Ever! I loved seeing the pictures of the family too--what a great bunch!