Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Pics

My husband was a trooper this year taking 3 sets of family pictures! We did his family back in August. Our little family at the beginning of November. And the Savage side at the end of November. Whew! And I'm already planning our outfits for next year! Call me crazy. :)

Sky's entire family.

These pictures were taken by the fabulous Mandy Yates.

Nicole Valentine is awesome and took our little family's pictures.

LOVE LOVE this picture!

I seriously HEART this picture of my boys!!!

We used Mandy again for the Savage shoot too.

The whole fam bam

Daddy and his girls :)

All 6 of us!

I seriously love to take family pictures. I think it's so important to document your growing and changing family on a yearly basis! Sometimes I wonder if this would have been a deal breaker had my husband known about that before he married me. :) I know he secretly loves it too, though! He just needs to embrace it. He has the next 40 years to get used to it I guess.

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Katie and Victor said...

I love your family pictures! Just so you know I am not a grandma and I read your blog!