Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Day at the Black's!!

Today we celebrated Christmas with Ethan because we fly back to Colorado on the Thursday to celebrate with both of our families. Skyler and I both agreed that it was important to us to also have our "own" family Christmas and traditions. So seeing how Skyler has to work until Wednesday, we figured today was the best time to do it.

We realize that Ethan has no idea what is going on--has no clue who Santa is (although we did take him to meet him) and doesn't care about opening presents. I still had Ethan help me make sugar cookies and we left them out for Santa and still had lots of presents to Ethan from Santa Clause. I guess Ethan was a good boy this year......

One tradition that I'm going to continue from my childhood is that every Christmas Eve, all the children got new pajamas to wear on Christmas Morning-so that we all looked decent for pictures. This year, I ordered some cute gingerbread pj's for me from VS and got Ethan a pair of gingerbread pj's from Gymboree. I have yet to convince Skyler to wear new pajamas (actual pajamas) but he refuses, so we got him a new pair of lounge pants. Ethan looks like in old man in his new pajamas because they're flannel and button down the front! I think he's adorable!

Here's Skyler giving Ethan his present....

And here's Ethan being more interested in his daddy...

So mama had to do it

How precious!!

Because this is obviously not his usual bedtime routine--he thought it was play time with daddy

Mama and baby

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Jessi said...

That is such a great tradition... I migth feel the winds changing for our christmas eve. Your awesome!